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Inside a Food Startup: Beating Casteism & King of South Indian Food

In this week’s episode of The Rasoi Project, we explore dosas and South Indian food with an inspiring Scheduled Caste chef who fought against all odds & became an expert South Indian food chef! Watch his inspiring story of making dosa & South Indian food with Pallavi Batra & Gaurav Arora!

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More about Iddly Faktory & their South Indian food:
An investment banker turned foodpreneur, Iddly Faktory is Karthik Krishnamurthy’s labor of love, dedication and passion. While he dabbled in elaborate cooking sprees alongside his demanding investment banking career and club cricket stint; 2014 marked his definitive move from being a home-cook to a food entrepreneur with a vision.
Armed with a sunny disposition and years of mainstream PR experience, Anuradha, Karthik’s wife, keeps his culinary dream aflame. At Iddly Faktory, she manages branding, communications, PR and marketing. Quick to strike a friendly conversation, Anuradha always loves to chat up with her customers.
Amit has been associated with the venture since day 1 and has made Iddly Faktory what it is today.
Their specialties include: Gunpowder Dosa, Masala Dosa and Idli Sambar. They open as early as 7 am and are open till 10 pm.

Address: 244, Village Wazirabad, Gate 2, Sector 52, Ardee City, Gurgaon- 122003
Price for 2: Rs.300

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More about The Rasoi Project:
EatTreat brings to you an exclusive series – The Rasoi Project – a weekly YouTube series, where we visit hidden master chefs around us; moms, grand moms, refugees, or that boy next door who’s cooking up a storm and making a difference to the society with his cooking skills! The Rasoi Project tells extraordinary (food) stories of those not-so-ordinary people we see every day around us.

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