I visited Kodagu in Karnataka. Earlier this place was called as Coorg. This place is very famous for Coffee plantations .

This documentary has all the steps involved in Coffee processing from flower blossom to plucking, washing, drying and curing works.

In this documentary you will see coffee from farm to a cup of coffee. Following are the steps that are involved in producing coffee.

1. Picking: This step is followed after cherry is grown from the flower.

2. Processing: This takes care of both washes and unwashed varieties of coffee.

3. Processing at curing works: A typical curing works unit performs 3 functions: Grading, Gravity and colour sorter.

4. Roasting: Different roasting techniques are followed basis client’s requirement.

5. Grinding: Roasted coffee is grinded as it gets ready for consumption.

6. Packaging: Different packaging sizes for sale gets ready.

4 people helped us produce this documentary:

Mr. Narendra: He is into coffee business since 20 years.
Mr. Ganesh: He is manager at coffee farm.
Mr. and Mrs Hari at Uma Taders – Kushal nagar.

Do let me know through comments on how did you find this documentary on coffee from farm to a cup of coffee.

Thanks for your time.


Lockhart Tea factory is about 15 kms from Munnar town. They prepare Tea using orthodox method. This largely means the method that was used in Tea processing during early days.

This is Episode 4 of Kerala Series, just in case if you missed any other episode of Kerala tour, have a look at playlist link below for ready reference.

We spent 18 days in Kerala travelled to many towns and cities, if you follow the order you will enjoy the series more…


Visitors can visit this Tea factory, can also buy team from their shop. They also organise Tea garden tour for visitors.

Charges as applicable:

Charges per head
Lockhart Tea musem Rs 200,
For foreigners visit charge Rs 400

Tea tasting Rs 200
Tea trial: Rs 700
Nature walk: Rs 118
Make your own tea: Rs 2000.

Timings 8 am to 6 pm…

Also i would advise you to check with them before you visit the factory , you can just Google their number and call them..


This is 4th video of 4 part series of south Mumbai street food. In this food journey i explored falooda, Khaman Dhokhla, Methi khakhra, juice, then at the last Paan at Muchhad paan shop.

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Mumbai street food offers food of different varieties of Indian food, Street food vendors of Mumbai have their native in various parts of India. Through Mumbai street food journey one can experience many varieties of Indian food.

Address of food joints visited by me with prices of food have been given below for your ready reference:

Day 7

1.Badshah Cold Drinks – This is almost a 100 year old shop, very famous for Falooda.

Royal Falooda Rs. 85

Address – 152/156, Umrigar Building, Opposite Crawford Market, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003

Google Location – https://goo.gl/nXjXnZ

2. Trupti Sweets: This is a very famous Gujarati sweets shop, i enjoyed the following at these shops, White Dhokla was out of world experience at this shop

White Dhokla Rs. 460 for kg
Khaman Dhokla Rs. 420 for kg

Address – CP Tank (V P road) Mumbai 400004
Google Location – https://goo.gl/979hPM

3. Sharma’s Bhel Tarabaug – Pani puri at this place was ok but i was expecting more on taste, but i found that many locals find this shop to be really good.

Pani Puri Rs. 40 /6pcs

Address – Tarabaug, Charni Rd East, Mumbai

Google Location – https://goo.gl/6ygYd8

Day 8

4. Chheda Dry Fruits: This is a very famous grocery shop which sells lot of things which are of day today use for Gujarati people.

Methi Khakhra Rs. 70 for 250g

Address – Bhanu Jyoti Building, Opp Railway Station,( L N Road, Matunga)
Mumbai 400019

Google Location – https://goo.gl/VZUP36

5. Haji Ali Juice Centre: This is a famous juice shop of south Mumbai, while the prices are on higher side but shop sells pure juice without mixing anything.

Triveni Juice Rs. 250

Address – Lala Lajpatrai Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026
Google Location – https://goo.gl/W6crJ7

6. Muchhad Paanwala: This is more than 50 year old Paan shop, i was quite surprised to hear from the owner that the shop opens at 7 am in the morning,

Jaipuri Paan Rs. 30

Address – 8/10, Ground Floor, Shop No 7, Taher Mansion Co-Op. Housing Society, Nepean Sea Road, Opp. Mukesh Chowk, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400036

Google Location – https://goo.gl/PKK7PR

If you found this video good, do share it with your friends and family members.

Links Mumbai street food tour

Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqUgFiXJt1o

Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8cZ3s3JBoE

Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-odEn_ymH0

Do share your experience on food of Mumbai in comments below, i would look forward to hear back from your side on the same,.

Thanks for your time


Bungee Jump is located at a distance of 20 Kms from Rishikesh at Uttarakhand. There are 3 adventure sports at this location.

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Bunjee jump – Jump from a height of 83 meters

Flying fox: Jump point is 120 meter high and travel speed is 140 kmph

Giant Swing: 83 meter high

Things to know in advance before you visit this place to go for Bunjee jump at Rishikesh – Jumpin Heights

Tuesday is their weekly off
2 months in a year they are closed: 15th July to 15th September.
Book your jump in advance especially when you are going during weekends.

I noticed that more people do Bunjee as compared to other adventure sports at Jumpin heights at Rishikesh.

You should try Bunjee or other adventure sports if you are physically and mentally ready for it.

Looking down from height of 83 meters is an amazing experience in itself.

Safety: I found their safety measures to be satisfying, in fact i noticed boards stuck at the jump location that mentioned about expert teams from New Zealand who handle jump.

Should you have any query regarding jump or want to speak to the management directly, you can check their website link:

Any doubt or query on jump or route from Rishikesh, please ask in comments below, i will be happy to revert
About the creator of this video:

Harish Bali – Myself: I love to explore places and enjoy exploring food at various locations. It will be right to say that i am a bag packer and foodie. That is perhaps the reason that apart from being a tech blogger, i run this channel on food and travel


Rajaji National park at Uttarakhand – North India has 3 entry points, I have done Jungle safari from the Chilla range. It is considered to be among the best for wild animal visibility.

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Jungle safari at Rajaji National park covers a distance of 36 kms in 3 hours. Rajaji National park is converted into Rajaji Tiger reserve in the year 2015.

Few important things to know before you travel to Rajaji National park at Haridwar:

Distance from Dehradun Airport: 35 kms.

Nearest Railhead: Haridwar

Entry timings: Morning 6 to 9 am & Afternoon 3 to 4.30 pm.

Period closed in year: 15th June to 15th November.

Jungle safari cost: Rs 1950 for one person- for every additional
person in jeep, entry charge Rs 150.

Elephant ride: Available at cost of Rs 1500, distance 1 km, outside the chilla range.

Wild life at this place is spread over 820 sq. kms

Other Tourist attractions near RajaJi National park, Haridwar:
Haridwar: People travel for pilgrimage.
Rishikesh: Adventure sports, Yoga and temples.
Mussoorie: 80 kms from Rajaji National park.

Tips to consider before you plan a trip here;

Prefer afternoon Jungle safari than morning one, chances of wild animal visibility is greater.

Carry enough water during Jungle safari to drink, you may not get that in between.

Have food otherwise you will not get anything inside the Forest.

Best time to travel to Rajaji national park at Haridwar is between 15th November and March, rest of the time it is hot, you may not enjoy.

I was told by a my Gypsy driver that there are 16 Tigers at this place and some 250 Elephants and many more uncounted other wild animals.

This particular video that you are seeing has been shot in 1st week April.

Video links on Rishikesh and Haridwar are given below:
Rishikesh places to visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58JOdwmhcwU
River rafting at Rishikesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwanRVXb7do
Bungee jumping at Rishikesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfOFtRvwo6k
Mussoorie places to visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFt765hsvKk

Also check out other interesting places on this channel visa2explore:

Towards the end of this video, see a short clip with a 3 month old Elephant baby, shot near the entry gate of Rajaji National park.

Thanks for your time.


I explore so much on street food at Amritsar that it was hard to put it in one video, this is episode 2, following are the street food joints covered along with address and Google maps location.

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Chaati ki Lassi: Court road is the only place in Amritsar where i found chaati ki lassi, it is chaas. Refreshing taste, works as energy booster too.

Price of chaati ki Lassi – Rs 10
Address – AJ Towers, Court Rd, INA Colony, Amritsar, Punjab 143001.. Landmark: Near swani motors- Maruti Suzuki agency.

Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/BZ8JLB

Rajasthani Chaat Bhandar: It is a popular chaat shop about 200 meters from Golden temple. I found the chaat to be good, many people praise taste of chaat at this shop.
Bhalla Papdi price – Rs. 50
Address – Chowk Katra, Near Jallianwala Bagh, Town Hall, Amritsar, opposite Gurdasman jalebi wala at Jalebi chowk.
Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/ZM46ce

3. Prem Chat Bhandar: This vendor serves 7 types of Gol gappa water, location is behind Golden temple, near Papad wala bazar.
Saat tarah ka paani ke Gol Gappe – priceRs.25

Address: S21/219, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143001
Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/GhpR6P

4. Gurdasram Jalebiwala : This is more than 50 year old shop, sells only Jalebi, this vendor is so popular that name of the crossing is jalebiwala chowk.

Desi Ghee ki Jalebi 4 pieces – Rs. 20

Address – Chowk Katra, Near Jallianwala Bagh, Town Hall, Amritsar
Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/ZM46ce

5. Goenka’s Sweets – Desi Ghee Preparation , popular sweet shop of old Amritsar. Out of many sweets available i had patisa at this shop, mouth watering taste of sweets.

Patisa – Rs 20 per pc/ Rs 480 kg

Address – Chowk Katra, Near Jallianwala Bagh, Town Hall, Amritsar.. Landmark: Google maps location.
Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/ZM46ce

6. Brijwasi Chaat : This is more than 40 year old chaat shop located at crystal chowk. Speciality of this shop lies in serving chaat and tikki
Papdi Chaat – Rs. 35
Address – Cooper Road,, Queens Road., INA Colony, Amritsar, Punjab 143001 .

Landmark: Crystal chowk.
Location – https://goo.gl/yPqFCA

7. A-ONE Kulfa – The Kulfa Expert This shop is unique in terms of the fact that he add 7 things to kulfi , it is like phirni, gaund etc… all this adds to taste, timings 5 pm to 11 pm.
Kulfa – Rs. 60
Address – 3, Queens Road, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Nagar, INA Colony, Amritsar, Punjab 143001.Landmark near crystal chowk
Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/tRA44G

8. Papad-Warian 8.5 (Harbhajan Singh & Company). Popular shop of papad and warian located at Papad and warian bazar which is on back side of Golden temple.

There are more than 30 shops selling papad and warian in this market.

High mirch – Rs. 330 kg/40pc
Medium Mirch – Rs 250
Low Mirch – Rs 150
Without Mirch – Rs 240

Address – Harbhajan Singh & Company,
Opposite Gali Bahronath Mandir, Papraha Wala Bazar,, Amritsar, Punjab 143001. Landmark: papad and warian bazar is popular in Amritsar, located on backside of Golden temple.

Google maps Location – https://goo.gl/DPUkdLv

I spent 3 weeks in Amritsar, Punjab, got opportunity to explore food for meals from breakfast to dinner and street food.

Link of street food Episode 1: Amritsar is given below:

Should you have any query, please feel free to ask in comments below.

Also share your experiences if you have any for Amrtisar..

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I was keen to see how is Poha made, I visited a factory in Ujjain to see the process through which paddy crop passes through.

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It was an amazing experience to see how raw paddy crop passes through a series of steps and coverts into Poha. Process shown in this video is actually performed over 2 days…

I also got opportunity to learn about irregular shape of Poha. Real colour of Poha is offwhilte, which is the colour of paddy crop, i mean rice.

Any ways this was my learning and experience through this one day factory visit.

My sincere thanks to Deepak ji -factory owner for sharing this information with us.

I will suggest you to do your own tests and find out your own observations about the information shared and then decide accordingly.

Do share your view on how you found this, Thanks for your time.


Bhasma aarti at Shri Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain starts at 4 am every day. I happened to visit the temple of Mahakaal in mid November 2017.

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I got opportunity to be there are Aarti in morning, it was a lifetime experience to be there.

I met Mr. Dinesh Diggaj, who helped us in explaining about Ujjain city, plus some background of Bhasama aarti that happens at Shri Mahakaleshwar temple.

Important information with regard to Bhasma aarti at Shri Mahakleshwar temple Ujjain.

1. Online booking: You can refer to this website, as booking needs to be done for aarti.. http://dic.mp.nic.in/ujjain/mahakal/default.aspx

2. Dress code: Ladies needs to wear saree and men need to visit Dhoti , entrance not allowed if dress code is not followed.

3. Mobile phone not allowed inside the temple, there is a place in the temple where you can keep your mobile phone or purse or anything else like your belt as leather belt is also not allowed in the temple.

Should you need some more information about Bhasama aarti at Shri Mahakaleshwar temple, please feel to ask that in comments below.

Jai shri Mahakaal.

FYI:Ujjain is 50 kms from Indore, connected through rail and road link.

I have also visited other temples of Ujjain , for which i will publish a video separately.

Thanks for watching this video on Bhasama aarti at Shri Mahakaleshwar temple Ujjain., Madhya Pradesh.


Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It took 22 years to complete construction of this mausoleum. Watch this video to learn about history of Taj Mahal Agra, India.

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Music from YouTube free music library:

Wheel Of Karma by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

To appreciate beauty of Taj Mahal one should see it with naked eyes. This video can serve as a guide for travellers to Taj Agra, India

Few important information for visitors:

Timings: Morning sunrise to evening sunset.

Day closed: Taj Mahal is closed for visitors on Friday, plan your travel accordingly.

Do’s and Dont’s: https://www.tajmahal.gov.in/do&nots.html Refer to this link

Entry ticket: Rs 40 for Indians, for foreigners Rs 1000.

Walk on white marble: I will recommend you to buy shoe cover for Rs 10 which you can get near the ticket window. You can then put that on your shoes and walk on white marble place. In summers that becomes very hot.

Guide: I will recommend you to hire guide if you are planning to visit, that is the best way to learn about Taj. You can easily get Travel guides approved by ASI.

Moonlight view: If you want to see moonlight view, you will need to travel during Chandni raat period that happens once every month.

Taj Mahal is among the 7 modern wonders of the world, visitors travel to Taj from all over the world.

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal in memory of his wife… he had a tragic end to his life. He was put under house arrest by his son – Aurangzeb during the last 8 years of his life.

About the creator of this video:

Myself Harish bali, i love to travel to places, explore places and food so it serves as a guide to travellers. This video on Taj Mahal is an attempt to peep into history and share my learnings and knowledge about history of Taj Mahal.

I spent one full day at Taj Mahal, this Mausoleum deserves good quality time, ideally one full day.


Wagah Border parade is a must visit tourist destination in Amritsar. Lowering of flags is done daily evening by security forces of India and Pakistan.Thousands of visitors travel here to experience live views of Wagah border Parade.

You may also read about Wagah border retreat ceremony here:

From India side BSF guards the border and they perform the parade drill which is watched live by thousands of people every day before sun set.

Similar type of border parade happens at Sadqi border and Hussainiwala border as well

Wagah border is 27 kms from Amrtisar, it takes about 1 hour to reach there through a taxi or public vehicle.

Few tips if you are planning visit to wagah to watch retreat ceremony:

1. Reach Wagah border by 3.30 pm, so you get sitting space, there are more than 30k to 40k people who go there to watch parade.

2. If you want to visit Attari then go one hour in advance, you will need to go only 2 kms out of the way, this can be a good day out by adding Attari railway station to your visit plan.

3. Carry water bottle along, you may feel thirsty especially during summer time.

4. Mobile phone jammers are there, you will not be able to connect with anyone on call, when you are at Wagah border.

5. Security check: There is huge level of security check you will need to pass through so be patient and do not carry anything that may be objectionable.

6. Parking- you can travel by your own vehicle, there is sufficient parking space available near wagah border for travellers.

7. Wagah Parade timings: These differ from month to month, like winters it starts early and in summers little late, check the details before you move to border to watch the parade.

I also visited Attari railway station before going to Wagah, Samjohta express that goes to Pakistan passes through Attari railway station. Visiting Attari was a pleasant experience and a lifetime experience too.

About the creator of this video: I love to travel and explore food of places that i visit. I take this youtube channel – visa2explore as an opportunity to share my food and travel experiences with others.